Gateway discovery algorithm based on multiple QoS path parameters between mobile node and gateway node


Many gateway selection schemes are proposed that choose gateway nodes primarily based on one Quality of Service (QoS) path parameter, for instance path availability amount, link capacity or end-to-finish delay, etc. or on multiple non-QoS parameters, for instance the mixture of gateway node speed, residual energy, and variety of hops, for Mobile Ad hoc NETworks (MANETs). Every scheme just focuses on the ment of improve only a single network performance, i.e., network throughput, packet delivery ratio, end-to-end delay, or packet drop ratio. However, none of those schemes improves the network performance as a result of they focus on one QoS path parameter or on set of non-QoS parameters. To enhance the overall network performance, it is necessary to select a gateway with stable path, a path with the maximum residual load capability and therefore the minimum latency. During this paper, we have a tendency to propose a gateway choice theme that considers multiple QoS path parameters like path availability amount, on the market capability and latency, to select a possible gateway node. We have a tendency to improve the trail availability computation accuracy, we introduce a feedback system to updated path dynamics to the traffic source node and we tend to propose an efficient technique to propagate QoS parameters in our theme. Computer simulations show that our gateway selection theme improves throughput and packet delivery ratio with less per node energy consumption. It conjointly improves the tip-to-end delay compared to single QoS path parameter gateway choice schemes. Also, we simulate the proposed theme by considering weighting factors to gateway selection parameters and results show that the weighting factors improve the throughput and finish-to-finish delay compared to the conventional schemes.

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