Border gateway protocol graph: detecting and visualising internet routing anomalies


Border gateway protocol (BGP) is the main protocol used on the Internet nowadays, for the exchange of routing information between different networks. The shortage of authentication mechanisms in BGP, render it at risk of prefix hijacking attacks, that raise serious security issues relating to each service availability and knowledge privacy. To address these issues, this study presents BGPGraph, a scheme for detecting and visualising Internet routing anomalies. In specific, BGPGraph introduces a completely unique BGP anomaly metric that quantifies the degree of anomaly on the BGP activity, and permits the analyst to get an outline of the BGP standing. The analyst, is afterwards ready to target vital time windows for more analysis, by using a hierarchical graph visualisation scheme. Furthermore, BGPGraph uses a unique method for the quantification of information visualisation that enables for the evaluation, and optimal selection of parameters, in case of the corresponding visual analytics algorithms. Therefore, by utilising the proposed approach, four new BGP anomalies were in a position to be identified. Experimental demonstration in known BGP events, illustrates the significant analytics potential of the proposed approach in terms of identifying prefix hijacks and performing root cause analysis.

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