Factors That Influence Dissemination in Engineering Education


Although the necessity for brand spanking new academic materials and ways in engineering education is increasing, the process of disseminating (creating target teams become aware of, settle for, and use) these innovations remains a challenge. A literature review shows that few studies have totally investigated this space. The purpose of this article is to spot factors that may affect the adoption and use of instructional innovations used in engineering education and to offer recommendation to educators on how they may better disseminate their materials. This study uses extant theories related to diffusion and acceptance of innovation as the idea for identifying factors that will impact the dissemination of instructional innovations. These factors are tested via a Delphi study employing 21 subject-matter specialists and content analysis of 410 analysis abstracts. The results suggest 9 factors that are most important for facilitating acceptance and use of academic engineering innovations. In explicit, new materials ought to be designed such that they demonstrate an understandable relative advantage over existing materials, are compatible with and adaptable to existing pedagogy, lack complexity, and are generally straightforward to use. Management support and availability of resources are found to be necessary environmental conditions that facilitate acceptance; logistical problems and cultural variations are the chief impediments.

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