Noninvasive method for online detection of internal winding faults of 750 kV EHV shunt reactors


Seven hundred fifty kilovolt further-high voltage (EHV) shunt reactors are necessary power equipment that stabilize the conventional operation of a whole 750 kV power grid. Internal winding faults of a reactor might be a difficult issue when the reactor is in service, and lead to sudden equipment failure and significant economic losses. To forestall sudden catastrophic failure of equipment, on-line detection should be implemented to judge the state of the reactor properties when requested. In this paper, a noninvasive technique based on on-line impulse frequency analysis was proposed and developed to detect internal winding faults of a 750 kV EHV shunt reactor. Initially, the safe implementation of the net detecting device was verified before field installation. Unlike in previous work, the online detecting device was modified and improved in line with the specific scenario of shunt reactors. Original fingerprints of 750 kV EHV shunt reactors were obtained and analyzed once web site installation and normal operation of the detecting device. A fault simulation take a look at was implemented to validate the strategy. This paper provides steerage on actual implementation of online impulse frequency response analysis on power equipment.

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