Coordination of Hydro Units With Wind Power Generation Using Interval Optimization


The coordination of wind power and hydro power is a good way for generating companies to enhance the flexibility of wind power dispatch and to avoid imbalance charges. However, specifying the likelihood distributions of random variables can be difficult for call manufacturers (DMs). This paper proposes a bidding strategy for wind farms and hydro stations in a generating company using interval optimization. Pessimistic preference ordering and DMs’ degrees of pessimism are adopted within the optimization to check interval numbers. Variations in wind power, the day-ahead energy price, and the intrahour energy price are then thought-about and represented by interval numbers instead of likelihood distributions. Compared with stochastic optimization, interval optimization will not need an actual probability distribution for the random variables. Moreover, it will reduce computational complexity in addition to verify and optimize profit intervals, as illustrated in the numerical example presented herein.

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