Variational Methods with Applications in Science and Engineering [Bookshelf]


The book underneath review, is for senior undergraduate and graduate students in engineering, the physical sciences, and applied mathematics. Within the course of reading the text, it becomes clear that the author has done an excellent job within the organization and presentation of the applications- oriented material. Cassell is sensitive to the training vogue of his audience and puts a nice deal of effort into motivating the material. He avoids the formal ???theorem-proof??? format and concentrates on the utility and variety of variational strategies. The text is divided into three elements. Half 1 develops the underlying theory of the calculus of variations, whereas Components a pair of and three are dedicated to applications. Overall, the text is obvious and provides an glorious introduction to the calculus of variations for engineers and applied scientists looking for a concise exposition of the theory with various applications. Many historical notes seem throughout the text, that helps students perceive the overall framework of variational calculus. Regrettably, although there are an ample number of finish-of-chapter exercises, no answers are provided.

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