Autonomous Coordination of Multiple PV/Battery Hybrid Units in Islanded Micro grids - 2017


In this paper, a control strategy is developed to achieve absolutely autonomous power management of multiple PV/battery hybrid units in islanded microgrids. Also, the developed strategy has the ability to autonomously coordinate with dispatchable droop controlled units. The ability supplied by the hybrid units is autonomously determined based mostly on the accessible PV power from all hybrid units, the whole generation capacity of the on the market dispatchable units, the overall load demand, and the SOC of all batteries within the microgrid. Plus maintaining the facility balance within the microgrid, the decentralized coordination scheme prioritizes charging the microgrid batteries with lower SOC. Additionally, the management strategy permits the hybrid units to import power from different units to support charging their batteries. These options are achieved by employing the proposed multi-section adaptive power/frequency (P/f ) characteristics in the hybrid unit controllers. Since the strategy is predicated solely on the local voltage controllers, neither a central EMS nor Communications among totally different units are needed. The developed strategy has been validated using detailed switching models in PSCAD/EMTDC.

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