Fast and Accurate RCS Calculation for Squat Cylinder Calibrators [Measurements Corner]


Squat metal cylinders are commonly used as calibrators in radar cross section (RCS) measurements. During this paper, based mostly on electromagnetic scaling principles and complex exponential (CE) model, a completely unique procedure for correct RCS calculation of squat cylinder calibrators is proposed. Using the currently developed technique, calculation of the ultrawideband (UWB) RCS amplitude and phase for a set of squat cylinders with a specified diameter-to-height ratio (DHR) will be implemented in real time, as soon because the CE model has been developed from the UWB knowledge for a single cylinder of any size, that could be calculated using precise numerical solutions like the tactic of moment (MoM). Examples demonstrate that, in RCS measurements, the uncertainty of CE model calculation is well among 0.03 dB for ka5, meeting the requirements for pretty much all RCS calibration applications.

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