Nonlinear Model Analysis and “Switching Model” of AC–DC Three-Degree-of-Freedom Hybrid Magnetic Bearing


The most widely studied linear models of the suspension forces in ac-dc three-degree-of-freedom hybrid magnetic bearings might not be practical for application to the precision control of bearings with larger air gaps for larger suspension forces. In addition, the simplified linear and the real nonlinear models in linear zone of current and displacements haven't been compared before. During this study, the two most ordinarily used nonlinear models are analyzed comprehensively to handle the dearth of nonlinear model analysis in previous analysis and to hunt the most appropriate model for both nonlinear and linear zones (full zone). The results show that no single model completely approximates the take a look at results over the entire zone. A composite model, such as the “switching model,” is a lot of accurate. To illustrate the applicability of the results to each nonlinear model analysis and the proposed “switching model,” nonlinear stiffness and performance take a look at experiments were conducted. It's concluded that the model analysis and therefore the proposed “switching model” will offer a control system with the foremost appropriate mathematical models of the suspension force.

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