Fair Network Bandwidth Allocation in IaaS Datacenters via a Cooperative Game Approach


With wide application of virtualization technology, tenants are able to access isolated cloud services by renting the shared resources in Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) datacenters. Unlike resources like CPU and memory, datacenter network, that depends on ancient transport-layer protocols, suffers unfairness due to a scarcity of virtual machine (VM)-level bandwidth guarantees. During this paper, we have a tendency to model the datacenter bandwidth allocation as a cooperative game, toward VM-primarily based fairness across the datacenter with 2 main objectives: one) guarantee bandwidth for VMs primarily based on their base bandwidth necessities, and 2) share residual bandwidth in proportion to the weights of VMs. Through a bargaining game approach, we tend to propose a bandwidth allocation algorithm, Falloc, to attain the uneven Nash bargaining solution (NBS) in datacenter networks, that precisely meets our objectives. The cooperative structure of the algorithm is exploited to develop an online algorithm for practical real-world implementation. We tend to validate Falloc with experiments below various eventualities and show that by adapting to different network needs of VMs, Falloc can achieve fairness among VMs and balance the tradeoff between bandwidth guarantee and proportional bandwidth sharing. Our large-scale trace-driven simulations verify that Falloc achieves high utilization while maintaining fairness among VMs in datacenters.

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