Motor Conversion for Reduced Energy Consumption: Compressor Applications Use More Energy Than Applications with Newer Technologies


Significant effort has been made on coming up with user-acceptable driver assistance systems. To adapt to driver characteristics, this paper proposes a forward collision warning (FCW) algorithm that can alter its warning thresholds during a real-time manner according to driver behavior changes, including each behavioral fluctuation and individual distinction. This adaptive FCW algorithm overcomes the limit of traditional FCW with fastened risk analysis models and fixed triggering thresholds by continuously monitoring driver braking behaviors in multiple lanes. A real-time identification algorithm for the warning thresholds is meant by using the recursive least squares methodology. Based mostly on naturalistic experimental data, offline simulations show that this algorithm will match driver behavioral fluctuation and individual difference in long-time driving condition, and as time goes on, the adaptability to driver behavior is gradually improved, therefore decreasing the false-alarm rate of FCW.

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