Pseudomorphic Yttrium Iron Garnet Thin Films With Low Damping and Inhomogeneous Linewidth Broadening


Nanometer-thick yttrium iron garnet films, grown on gadolinium gallium garnet substrates by pulsed laser deposition, exhibit remarkably high crystallinity and atomically smooth surfaces. The pseudomorphic growth mechanism results in giant negative out-of-plane uniaxial anisotropy, slim resonance linewidths, and minimal damping. Magnetic resonance measurements indicate that each the Gilbert damping parameter α and inhomogeneous linewidth broadening ΔHpp,zero are consistently low for films of numerous thicknesses. Even at film thickness ≈ twenty nm, we attain α ≈ a pair of x 10-4 and ΔHpp,0 ≈ one Oe, that are among the lowest values ever reported.

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