Analysis of the error susceptibility of a field programmable gate array-based image compressor through random event injection simulation


The successful use of business-off-the-shelf (COTS) devices on board space applications needs the utilization of fault mitigation methods as a result of of the results of house radiation in microelectronics devices. This study describes a scheme for the random injection of single event transients/upsets to evaluate the viability of using COTS field programmable gate array for an onboard, low-complexity, remote-sensing image information compressor. The fault injection features are added to the appliance to be tested by modifying its hardware description language source code. Then the tests are executed by simulation, with or without the inclusion of fault mitigation methods, so that comparative evaluations will be quickly obtained. The evaluation results (robustness enhancement against space) of various fault mitigation methods are presented, with sensible estimates of the behaviour of the hardware implementation of the applying in a very house radiation surroundings.

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