PHEVs Bidirectional Charging/Discharging and SoC Control for Microgrid Frequency Stabilization Using Multiple MPC


This paper proposes plug-in hybrid electrical vehicles bidirectional charging/discharging and state of charge (SoC) management for a microgrid frequency stabilization employing a multiple model predictive control (MMPC). The MMPC is that the improved version of a model predictive management (MPC) for operating with multiple operating condition of the system. The MPC is a good model-primarily based prediction that calculates the long run management signals by optimization of a quadratic programming based mostly on the plant model, past manipulate, and control signals of the system. By optimization of an electric vehicle power management signal at each time instant, plus changing the MPC by electric vehicle battery SoC, the proposed MMPC is ready to improve the frequency stabilization of the microgrid effectively.

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