Input impedance and radiation pattern of a resonant dipole embedded in a two-dimensional periodic leaky-wave structure


Array scanning method (ASM) is utilized to review the input impedance and radiation pattern of a two-dimensional periodic leaky-wave antenna (LWA). The antenna consists of a slender horizontal strip dipole of arbitrary length underneath a 2-dimensional (2D) periodic screen of metallic patches, that acts as a partially reflective surface (PRS), and backed by a ground plane. 1st, the Green's operate in the presence of the 2D array of metallic patches is calculated by means of the ASM and then the current distribution and input impedance of the source dipole are calculated through the electrical field integral equation and technique of moments. The so much-field pattern is computed using the reciprocity theorem. Compared to the Hertzian dipole, which is the sole type of source that has been thought-about in the literature, the resonant dipole substantially improves the performance of periodic LWA in terms of radiated power, efficiency and bandwidth. Numerical results are given for a resonant dipole over the frequency vary of sixty–70 GHz and compared with those obtained from commercial softwares, FEKO® and Ansys HFSS®, showing an wonderful agreement with considerable improvement in terms of memory usage and computational speed.

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