Topology Review and Derivation Methodology of Single-Phase Transformerless Photovoltaic Inverters for Leakage Current Suppression


Single-section voltage supply transformerless inverters have been developed for several years and are successful industrial applications in the distributed photovoltaic (PV) grid-connected systems. Moreover, several advanced industrial topologies and up to date innovations have been published in the previous few years. The objective of this paper is to classify and review these recent contributions to establish the present state of the art and trends of the transformerless inverters. This will give a comprehensive and insightful overview of this technology. Initial, the generation mechanism of leakage current is investigated to divide the transformerless inverters into asymmetrical inductor-primarily based and symmetrical inductor-based mostly teams. Then, the concepts of dc-based and ac-primarily based decoupling networks are proposed to not only cowl the revealed symmetrical inductor-primarily based topologies but also offer an innovative strategy to derive advanced inverters. Furthermore, the transformation principle between the dc-based and ac-based mostly topologies is explored to create a clear image on the overall law and framework for the recent advances and future trend during this space. Finally, a family of clamped highly efficient and reliable inverter concept transformerless inverters is derived and tested to offer some wonderful candidates for next-generation high-potency and value-effective PV grid-tie inverters.

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