Dual-Server Public-Key Authenticated Encryption With Keyword Search


When using cloud storage, one of the most difficult problems to solve is how to search for sensitive data in a way that is both efficient and secure. A secure method of data storage is provided by the searchable encryption technique, which maintains the data's usability without compromising its confidentiality. Public-key encryption with keyword search, also known as PEKS, is extensively researched by academics because it is an important subfield of searchable encryption. The majority of traditional PEKS schemes, on the other hand, are susceptible to an attack known as inside keyword guessing (IKGA). It is likely that the ability to withstand an attack based on guessing the inside keyword will become an essential component of all brand-new PEKS schemes. For a very long time, IKGA mitigation has been ineffective and difficult, and the majority of the currently available PEKS schemes fall short of achieving their desired level of security. In order to find solutions to the issues mentioned above, we introduce the concept of dual-server public key. Authenticated Encryption with Keyword Search (also known as DPAEKS), which protects against IKGA by utilizing two servers that do not cooperate with one another and supports the authentication property. After that, we offer a construction of DPAEKS that does not utilize bilinear pairings. The experimental results that were obtained by using a dataset that was taken from the real world show that our scheme is both highly efficient and provides a high level of security, making it suitable for implementation in applications that take place in the real world.

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