PROJECT TITLE :Web-Enabled Landsat Data Time Series for Monitoring Urban Heat Island Impacts on Land Surface PhenologyABSTRACT:Urbanization will increase the impacts of cities on the natural surroundings, in half by altering local
PROJECT TITLE :Quantifying Spatial–Temporal Pattern of Urban Heat Island in Beijing: An Improved Assessment Using Land Surface Temperature (LST) Time Series Observations From LANDSAT, MODIS, and Chinese New Satellite GaoFen-1ABSTRACT:The
PROJECT TITLE :Multifinger Indium Phosphide Double-Heterostructure Transistor Circuit Technology With Integrated Diamond Heat Sink LayerABSTRACT:The RF power output of scaled subterahertz and terahertz indium phosphide double-heterostructure
PROJECT TITLE :Optimal Control of Series Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles Considering the Cabin Heat DemandABSTRACT:In series plug-in hybrid electrical vehicles, the engine is decoupled from the wheels and therefore the fuel economy
PROJECT TITLE :3D Regression Heat Map Analysis of Population Study DataABSTRACT:Epidemiological studies comprise heterogeneous information regarding a theme group to outline disease-specific risk factors. These data contain info

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