Quantum Blockchain Based on Dimensional Lifting Generalized Gram-Schmidt Procedure


The development of quantum computers compromises the integrity of classical blockchains, making it necessary either to implement a post-quantum upgrade of the previously established architecture or to develop a Blockchain that is inherently quantum. In this paper, we present a model of a fully quantum Blockchain that is practically realizable, and it is based on an extended version of the Gram-Schmidt procedure that makes use of dimensional lifting. In this model, the information of transactions that have been stored in a multi-qubit state is then encoded using a generalized version of the Gram-Schmidt process. Because each orthogonalized state is dependent on the states that came before it in the sequence, the chain is produced as a result of this dependency. The proposed model takes into account a number of different forking scenarios along with the appropriate countermeasures. Using the no-cloning theorem and the non-democratic nature of Generalized Gram-Schmidt orthogonalization, it is shown to be secure even against attacks carried out with quantum computing. At last, we present an outline for a framework that can be used to construct a quantum token using the same architecture as our Blockchain.

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