An Ultra-Scalable Blockchain Platform for Universal Asset Tokenization Design and Implementation


In this article, we provide an explanation of the Alphabill family of technologies, which addresses both unrestricted adaptability and unlimited scalability. We provide a sharded Blockchain technology with unlimited scalability under the name KSI Cash. This technology is founded on a novel electronic money scheme known as the bill scheme. We present the results of performance tests of KSI Cash that we have carried out in collaboration with the European Central Bank in order to determine whether or not a digital euro is technically feasible. We demonstrate that the system is capable of functioning with 100 million wallets and 15,000 transactions per second (under simulation of realistic usage), with an estimated carbon footprint of 0.0001g CO2 for each transaction. In addition to this, we demonstrate that the system is capable of processing up to 2 million payment orders per second, which is equivalent to more than 300,000 transactions per second (in a laboratory setting with the core components of KSI Cash), and that this capacity scales linearly with the number of shards. We provide a comprehensive breakdown of the fundamental ideas that underpin this performance (i.e., the concepts of the bill money scheme). The findings demonstrate that the scalability of our technology is limitless in both permissioned and permissionless settings, which ultimately led to the development of the Alphabill Money technology. Next, we contribute the architecture of a universal tokenization platform that we call the Alphabill platform. This platform allows for the universal asset tokenization, transfer, and exchange that functions as a global medium of exchange. We discuss the fundamental conceptual and technical contributions that were made to the architecture of the platform. These contributions include the data structures of KSI Cash and Alphabill Money, the dust collection solution for Alphabill Money, and the atomic swap solution for the Alphabill platform.

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