The Impact of Network Size and Mobility on Information Delivery in Cognitive Radio Networks


There are extensive works on the planning of opportunistic spectrum access and routing schemes to enhance spectrum potency in cognitive radio networks (CRNs), which becomes an integral part in the future Communication regime. Nonetheless, the potentials of CRNs in boosting network performance yet remain to be explored to reach the full benefits of such a phenomenal technique. In this paper, we have a tendency to study the end-to-finish latency in CRNs in order to find the sufficient and necessary conditions for real-time applications in finite networks and giant-scale deployments. We first give a general mobility framework that captures most characteristics of the existing mobility models and takes spatial heterogeneity into consideration. Beneath this general mobility framework, secondary users are mobile with an mobility radius $alpha$ , which indicates how way a mobile node will reach in spatial domain. We tend to realize that there exists a cutoff purpose on $alpha$ , below that the latency contains a significant tail and above that the tail of the latency is bounded by some Gamma distributions. As the network grows massive, the latency is asymptotically scalable (linear) with respect to the dissemination distance (e.g., the number of hops or euclidean distance). An interesting observation is that although the density of primary users adversely impacts the expected latency, it makes no influence on the dichotomy of the latency tail in finite networks and therefore the linearity of latency in large networks. Our results encourage CRN deployment for real-time and massive applications, when the mobility radius of secondary u- ers is massive enough.

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