A 13.56-Mbps Pulse Delay Modulation Based Transceiver for Simultaneous Near-Field Data and Power Transmission


A totally-integrated near-field wireless transceiver has been presented for simultaneous knowledge and power transmission across inductive links, which operates based on pulse delay modulation (PDM) technique. PDM may be a low-power carrier-less modulation theme that provides wide bandwidth together with robustness against robust power carrier interference, which makes it suitable for implantable neuroprosthetic devices, like retinal implants. To transmit every bit, a pattern of slim pulses are generated at the same frequency of the power carrier across the transmitter (Tx) data coil with specific time delays to initiate decaying ringing across the tuned receiver (Rx) knowledge coil. This ringing shifts the zero-crossing times of the undesired power carrier interference on the Rx data coil, ensuing during a phase shift between the signals across Rx power and data coils, from which the information bit stream can be recovered. A PDM transceiver prototype was fabricated in a zero.thirty five- μm commonplace CMOS process, occupying one.half-dozen mm2. The transceiver achieved a measured 13.56 Mbps data rate with a raw bit error rate (BER) of 4.three×ten-7 at 10 mm distance between figure-eight knowledge coils, despite a sign-to-interference ratio (SIR) of -18.five dB across the Rx knowledge coil. At the identical time, a category-D power amplifier, operating at thirteen.fifty six MHz, delivered forty two mW of regulated power across a separate combine of high-Q power coils, aligned with the information coils. The PDM data Tx and Rx power consumptions were 960 pJ/bit and 162 pJ/bit, respectively, at 1.8 V offer voltage.

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PROJECT TITLE :A 13.56-Mbps Pulse Delay Modulation Based Transceiver for Simultaneous Near-Field Data and Power TransmissionABSTRACT:A fully-integrated near-field wireless transceiver has been presented for simultaneous data and

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