Implementation of a sensorless interior permanent magnet synchronous drive based on current deviations of pulse-width modulation switching


This study proposes a rotor position estimating method by detecting the stator currents below each pulse-width modulation switching state for an interior permanent magnet synchronous motor drive system. The proposed sensorless motor drive system can be applied in an air conditioner without injecting any high-frequency sinusoidal or cosine voltage signal. The operating speed range will be effectively extended as a result of the maximum out there voltage is increased in comparison to the high-frequency sinusoidal or cosine voltage injection methodology. The detailed analysis is mentioned here. A digital signal processor, TMS-320-F-2812, is used to execute the rotor position estimator and controller. Many experimental results are included to guage the theoretical analysis. The experimental results show that the proposed sensorless technique can offer satisfactory performance for a closed-loop interior permanent magnet synchronous motor drive system applied in an air conditioner.

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