Matrix-based memory efficient symmetric key generation and pre-distribution scheme for wireless sensor networks


As wireless sensor networks (WSN) have gained popularity because of their broader applications areas, therefore does the requirement for effective security mechanisms. Encryption can be used to safeguard data communication, however severe resource constraints in WSN make necessary key distribution very tough. This study addresses the matter of key institution in WSN using a key pre-distribution scheme. During this study, the authors have proposed a symmetric key generation and pre-distribution scheme, employing a symmetric matrix and generator matrix of most rank distance (MRD) codes. Sensor nodes are divided into groups and a few information is stored at every node to enable it to get link keys. This node division substantially improves the memory required at each node, that is approximately equal to the group size. The proposed theme additionally reduces the communication overhead to setup a link key. It requires solely two messages to setup a link key between any two nodes. Furthermore this scheme conjointly provides the highest level of network connectivity and scalability. Any two nodes in the network will establish a link key and new nodes can be added at any time while not changing any data on previously deployed nodes.

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