Available Delivery Capability of General Distribution Networks With Renewables: Formulations and Solutions


The widespread use of distributed generators (DGs) in utility distribution feeders brings about several challenges to the operation, planning, and style of general distribution networks. During this paper, the task of correct determination of available delivery capability (ADC) subject to thermal limits, voltage limits, and voltage stability limit is formulated. A rigorous numerical method to calculate the ADC of enormous-scale distribution networks with renewables is presented. This numerical method computes three essential points which are the saddle-node bifurcation point or structure-induced bifurcation point, voltage violation purpose, and thermal-limit violation purpose. To gain the speed and robustness for the proposed technique, the continuation technique is integrated into the proposed numerical methodology. For illustrative purposes, the proposed technique is applied to the IEEE fourteen-bus take a look at feeder and also the IEEE 850zero-node check system.

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