Multistatic micro-doppler radar for determining target orientation and activity classification


Micro-Doppler radar signals will be used to separate moving human targets from stationary muddle and conjointly to identify and classify human movements. Traditional micro-Doppler radar, that uses a single-sensor, monostatic system, suffers from the drawback that solely the radial part of the micro-Doppler signal can be observed by the radar operator. This reduces the sensitivity of human-activity recognition if the movements don't seem to be directly toward or removed from the road of sight to the radar antenna. During this paper, we tend to propose overcoming this limitation through the employment of a multistatic sensor, which consists of 2 bistatic micro-Doppler sensors. Through using multiple sensors, the orientation of oscillating targets with respect to the radar line of sight will be inferred, thereby providing further data to the radar operator. Additionally, we tend to conclude that multiple sensors will enhance the classification of micro-Doppler signatures.

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