A Spatio-Temporal Defect Process Model for Competing Progressive Breakdown Modes of Ultra-Thin Gate Oxides


Continuous downscaling of metal-oxide-semiconductor field result transistor (MOSFET) devices has led to reliability considerations, and needs a basic understanding of their failure mechanisms. In explicit, gate oxide breakdown may be a key mechanism limiting the lifetimes of MOSFET devices. By combining stochastic defect generation processes, and therefore the time required to construct percolation ways by the defects, this paper proposes a spatio-temporal percolation model for progressive breakdowns of ultra-thin gate oxide in a very convolution form. The model simultaneously considers general patterns of defect generation and defect prevalence times presented in competing modes. The proposed model is according to the overall statistical options of gate oxide breakdowns observed in existing experimental works. This spatio-temporal model provides additional precise results on the failure-time distribution of MOSFET devices, particularly at lower quantiles.

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