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ACE-BOC: dual-frequency constant envelope multiplexing for satellite navigation

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ACE-BOC: dual-frequency constant envelope multiplexing for satellite navigation


Within the signal style of new generation world navigation satellite systems, there is a strong demand for multiplexing multiple binary spreading signals on 2 adjacent frequencies into an integrated signal with a relentless envelope. In this paper, a twin-frequency constant envelope multiplexing (DCEM) technique with high-style flexibility based mostly on subcarrier waveform reconstruction, named uneven constant envelope binary offset carrier (ACE-BOC), is presented. This multiplexing technique can be seen as a generalized alternate BOC. It will combine four or fewer freelance, bipolar, direct sequence unfold spectrum signals onto two sidebands of a spectrum-split integrated signal, where every sideband consists of two or fewer signals with arbitrary power ratio modulated onto the quadrature elements. The look principle, diversified generation methods of ACE-BOC signals, still as the characteristics in each time and frequency domains are investigated. Multiplexing potency and receiving performance of this signal also are analyzed. Analysis with typical examples shows that, for both transmitters and receivers, ACE-BOC signals have multiple processing forms. Compared with existing DCEM methods, ACE-BOC has much higher design flexibility in the amount of signal parts, power ratio among components, hardware complexity of each transmitters and receivers, and spectrum compatibility. Such high-level design flexibility provides system designers nice space in signal scheme optimization for varied navigation applications in the long run.

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ACE-BOC: dual-frequency constant envelope multiplexing for satellite navigation - 4.9 out of 5 based on 71 votes

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