Fast curve fitting algorithm for parameter evaluation in lightning impulse test technique


This paper proposes a fast curve fitting technique for the analysis of the base curve of lightning impulse voltage and current. The proposed technique relies on the waveform parameter estimation using a numerical integration and linear least sq. methodology. This methodology comes from an normal differential equation. The proposed algorithm is ready to suit the base curve of lightning impulse voltage and current. The formula of the base curve is during the complex form of two exponential functions. The proposed form is superior to the standard real exponential form, since it can be rewritten during a real conventional form used for fitting the impulse voltage or in a damped/undamped sinusoidal kind with phase shift for fitting the impulse current. The decomposition base curve procedure was tested with some impulse voltage and current waveforms collected from the test knowledge generator connected with IEC 61083- a pair of (2013). The waveform parameters evaluated by the proposed technique are compared with those counseled by the standards. The proposed methodology shows the higher performance in computation time than the traditional method suggested by the standards. Thanks to no requirement of iteration within the proposed curve fitting technique, the computation time is much shorter than the traditional iterative technique. Moreover, the use of the established technique will not enable the recorded impulse waveform distortion. Besides, the developed algorithm technique will be done simply with markedly accuracy and noise immunity. For the aforementioned reasons, there's no doubt that the proposed technique is a superior one for impulse parameter analysis.

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