Static Load Bearing Exercises of Individuals With Transfemoral Amputation Fitted With an Osseointegrated Implant: Reliability of Kinetic Data


This study aimed toward presenting the intra-tester reliability of the static load bearing exercises (LBEs) performed by individuals with transfemoral amputation (TFA) fitted with an osseointegrated implant to stimulate the bone transforming process. There's a need for a higher understanding of the implementation of these exercises notably the reliability. The intra-tester reliability is mentioned with a particular emphasis on inter-load prescribed, inter-axis and inter-component reliabilities likewise because the result of body weight normalization. Eleven unilateral TFAs fitted with an OPRA implant performed 5 trials in four loading conditions. The forces and moments on the 3 axes of the implant were measured directly with an instrumented pylon as well as a six-channel transducer. Reliability of loading variables was assessed using intraclass correlation coefficients (ICCs) and percentage customary error of measurement values ( ). The ICCs of all variables were on top of zero.9 and the values ranged between zero and . This study showed a high between-participants' variance highlighting the dearth of loading consistency typical of symptomatic population also a high reliability between the loading sessions indicating a plausible correct repetition of the LBE by the participants. However, these outcomes must be understood inside the framework of the proposed experimental protocol.

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