A New Harmonic Reduced 3-phase Thyristor Controlled Reactor for Static VAR Compensators - 2017


A brand new thyristor-controlled reactor scheme is presented during this paper, in which the total bank is split into one ?- and one Y-connected reactor bank with the addition of an occasional-rating zig-zag autotransformer, rather than the traditional scheme employing a ?-connected reactor bank with a harmonic current filter. This arrangement prevents the triplen harmonics generated by the Y bank from getting into into the supply system and at the identical time, the combination results in cancellation of some major characteristic harmonics from the source current. Thus, while not using any extra filters or section-shifting 2-winding transformer, this theme facilitates reactive power management over a wide range and also meets the requisite harmonics standards. The scheme is straightforward and provides a cost-effective answer to the VAr compensation drawback. Simulation and experimental results are provided to validate the proposed concept.

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