Visualization of Pareto Front Approximations in Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization: A Critical Review and the Prosection Method


In evolutionary multiobjective optimization, it is terribly necessary to be in a position to visualise approximations of the Pareto front (called approximation sets) that are found by multiobjective evolutionary algorithms. Whereas scatter plots can be used for visualizing two-D and three-D approximation sets, a lot of advanced approaches are required to handle four or more objectives. This paper presents a comprehensive review of the existing visualization ways utilized in evolutionary multiobjective optimization, showing their outcomes on two novel 4-D benchmark approximation sets. Also, a visualization methodology that uses prosection (projection of a section) to visualise 4-D approximation sets is proposed. The method reproduces the shape, range, and distribution of vectors in the observed approximation sets well and can handle multiple large approximation sets while being sturdy and computationally cheap. Even a lot of importantly, for some vectors, the visualization with prosections preserves the Pareto dominance relation and relative closeness to reference points. The tactic is analyzed theoretically and demonstrated on many approximation sets.

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