New Metrics for Artificial Magnetism From Metal-Dielectric Metamaterial Based on the Theory of Characteristic Modes


In this letter, new metrics are proposed to produce physical insight into the behavior of metamaterial-based structures by suggests that of the idea of characteristic modes. A relationship between the primary eigenmode and an expression of the polarizability is proposed for a split-ring resonator. It thus allows us to describe a link between the substitute magnetic response of a split-ring resonator and modal characteristics. Using the new metrics proposed, a reactive impedance substrate primarily based on metal-dielectric metamaterial excited by a parallel magnetic field is shown to exhibit artificial magnetism. These metrics are shown to propose smart agreement with different analytical and numerical methods. This analysis ought to be useful when such metal-dielectric metamaterial structures are associated to radiating components like antennas since it could be performed within the near-field region, not like common approaches based on plane wave and way-field assumptions.

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