Experimental Characterization of Physical Unclonable Function Based on 1 kb Resistive Random Access Memory Arrays


In this letter, we propose a reliable style of physical unclonable perform (PUF) exploiting resistive random access memory (RRAM). Unlike the standard silicon PUFs based mostly on manufacturing process variation, the randomness of RRAM PUF comes from the stochastic switching mechanism and intrinsic variability of the RRAM devices. RRAM PUF’s characteristics, such as uniqueness and reliability, are evaluated on 1 kb HfO2-based 1-transistor-1-resistor (1T1R) arrays. Our experimental results show that the choice of the reference current significantly affects the individuality. A lot of dummy cells to generate the reference will improve the uniqueness of RRAM. The reliability of RRAM PUF is determined by the RRAM data retention. A brand new style is proposed where the sum of the readout currents of multiple RRAM cells is used for generating one response bit, which statistically minimizes the chance of early lifetime failure. The experimental results show that with eight cells per bit, the retention time is additional than fifty h at one hundred fifty °C or equivalently ten years at sixty nine °C. This experimental work demonstrates that RRAM PUF is a viable technology for hardware security primitive with inter-Hamming distance forty nine.8% and intra-Hamming distance zero%.

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