Scenarios for use of floating photovoltaic plants in Brazilian reservoirs


The conversion potency of a crystalline silicon photovoltaic (PV) module increases as its temperature decreases. Considering this characteristic of the PV technology, in this study the authors analyse the use of cooled floating PV modules during a fraction of the area occupied by three reservoirs – Castanhão, Orós and Banabuiú – in the Brazilian semi-arid region. Comparing with conventional ground-mounted PV modules, an average conversion potency increase of 12.5percent was measured for floating PV modules below the native weather conditions. During a second section, measurements are used as input data within the PVSYST software along with a spreadsheet for the development of electricity production scenarios. According to those eventualities, the potential PV production within the mentioned reservoirs would offer seven.4 and eighteen.8% of the electricity demand of Brazil's Ceará state (8.84 million inhabitants) and its largest city Fortaleza ( million inhabitants), respectively.

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