ShopSense:Customer Localization in Multi-Person Scenario With Passive RFID Tags


Indoor localization is the foundation for detecting and comprehending human behaviors, which is then used to facilitate the delivery of personalized services in a variety of settings, including retail stores, warehouses, and libraries. However, the technologies that are currently available for indoor localization are unable to meet the requirements of such scenarios because they are unable to differentiate between individuals, they cause severe object occlusion when there are multiple people, or they raise privacy concerns. In this paper, we develop an RFID-based localization system that we call ShopSense. This system is able to accurately localize multiple people at the same time and differentiate between them even when there are a lot of obstacles in the environment. The development of this system is based on the widespread deployment of RFID tags in scenarios such as these. Extensive testing demonstrates that ShopSense is able to pinpoint the location of the shopping cart with a median tracking error of 20 centimeters and can pinpoint the location of the customer with a median tracking error of 25 centimeters.

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