Real-time video traffic management for a warship combat system


In a trial to improve the channel utilization of a warship combat system (WCS), it's necessary to regulate and manage the massive volume of video traffic by considering a sturdy self-similarity characteristic. We propose a brand new video traffic management technique for the WCS that smooths the traffic of the closed-circuit television surveillance system (CSS) video and encodes the electro-optical tracking system (EOTS) video with low complexity in real time. Initial, to realize international and local traffic smoothing for the CSS video traffic, a proper bandwidth allocation interval and a minimum bandwidth for the CSS video traffic should be determined. Second, thanks to the increased out there bandwidth when traffic smoothing, additional elaborate low-delay encoding is accomplished by selecting encoding modes adaptively to compress the EOTS video efficiently with high visual quality. The experimental results demonstrate that the proposed technique is ready to control the WCS traffic to be as flat as potential and to encode the EOTS video with low delay, even in combat and emergency eventualities. Hence, we show that to migrate to network-centric warfare successfully, the proposed methodology is much a lot of suitable for the WCS than standard video traffic management.

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