Protection in elastic optical networks


In this text, we tend to analyze gains ensuing from the use of EON architectures with special concentrate on transportation of cloud-ready and content-oriented traffic in the context of network resilience. EONs are a promising approach for future optical transport networks and, apart from improving the network spectral efficiency, bring such new capabilities as squeezed protection, that reduces resource requirements in failure situations. In the introductory part, we tend to gift a background on new network services based on cloud computing and content orientation paradigms, EON architectures, and their survivability mechanisms. Next, we show the impact of disasters on EON performance. To support the discussion, within the evaluation half we offer simulation results to check survivable EONs and wavelength-switching optical networks, estimate the potency of various survivable EON schemes supporting cloud- and content-oriented traffic, and assess the robustness of EONs to disasters.

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