Flexible Threshold Ring Signature in Chronological Order for Privacy Protection in Edge Computing


Computing at the network's edge, also known as edge computing, processes data locally rather than sending it to a remote cloud location. The use of Blockchain technology in edge computing presents an opportunity to enhance data confidentiality and integrity safeguards. Any transaction that is added to the Blockchain should include the signature of the data owner. This signature should be included in any request for data storage that is sent from an edge server. It is possible to use a threshold ring signature for the Blockchain, which will allow for the protection of the data owners' privacy. In this article, we propose a flexible threshold ring signature scheme in chronological order. This scheme has two benefits, one of which is the ability to solve the update problem, while the other is the ability to solve the chronological problem. Our system is a nontrivial extension of Yuen et alsignature .'s scheme, and it possesses three properties that contribute to its security: unforgeability, anonymity, and chronological sorting. We test our scheme using the Intel Edison development platform, which simulates practical edge servers. Our proof of concept is based on the fact that we do not use any random oracles.

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