A Flywheel Energy Storage System for Fault Ride Through Support of Grid-Connected VSC HVDC-Based Offshore Wind Farms


Voltage source converter (VSC)-based mostly high voltage DC (HVDC) transmission is taken into account the longer term of offshore power transmission. This paper aims at providing a reliable VSC-HVDC transmission system design between offshore wind farms and onshore grids. During this paper, a massive-capability, low-speed flywheel energy storage system (FESS) primarily based on a squirrel cage induction machine is applied in parallel with the VSC-HVDC at the grid aspect converter. The FESS is devoted for surge power (because of power flow imbalance during fault) absorption rather than being dissipated in the shape of resistive losses. Since the duration of these surges is relatively little, it's been shown that the flywheel can effectively mitigate this drawback. Along with the fault ride-through support during fault conditions, the FESS is used for power leveling functionality throughout normal operation. The performance parameters of the proposed approach are investigated via both simulation and experimental results. A 132-kV, 100-MW HVDC system is simulated using MATLAB/Simulink throughout traditional and fault conditions. The proposed design is substantiated experimentally through a scaled down check rig with a a pair of-kW FESS.

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