Closed-form optimal cooperative guidance law against random step maneuver


Primarily based on the optimal management theory, this study proposes a unique approach to derive a cooperative steerage law for 2 pursuers with an arbitrary-order linear dynamics against one zero-lag evader with random step maneuver. This approach is meant to reduce the mean worth of the resultant control effort taken over a set of attainable evader maneuvers that is modeled as a step function, the parameters of that are unknown. Since the resultant management effort is that the minimum effort among the pursuers, we tend to encounter the nonlinear “min” operate in the performance index. By introducing binary parameters, it is changed to a linear perform as well as binary parameters and continuous variables. Once the optimal management downside is solved, the optimal binary parameters are determined through an integer programming approach. Then, the closed-kind optimal cooperative guidance law (OCGL) comes in feedback kind. The analytical and numerical results, obtained for the engagement of 2 missiles against a maneuvering target, show that OCGL is superior to the noncooperative steerage laws like proportional navigation (PN) and optimal steerage law (OGL), whether or not the important model, utilized in evaluations, differs from the model employed in the derivation of the guidance law. The performance of the proposed guidance law has been evaluated for higher order dynamics at the presence of acceleration saturation.

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