POU-Oriented Unit Testing of IEC 61131-3 Control Software


Software testing is a crucial part of project development. Depending on system kind and size, it's performed variously. Unit testing is one of the on the market approaches that's used to confirm that behavior of small software components is in keeping with necessities. It permits to improve software quality and reduce overall costs. Despite the fact that such an approach is usually judged as a important concept, it is not usual in management software. In this paper, the excellent approach to check the IEC 61131-three software using unit tests is presented. It supports to create tests in 2 ways in which-either in textual and graphical IEC 61131-3 languages or within the CPTest+ dedicated test definition language. The latter is equipped with several advanced options, like check fixtures and inclusions, parameterized and analog signal extensions, mock objects, as well as a few types of suites. The solution runs on the developer and testing station; hence, it will not have important impact on performance of the control program and tests are additional reliable and repeatable. To justify the concept, the straightforward running example is presented in this paper. The described answer has been introduced within the CPDev engineering setting for programming controllers.

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