Polarized Suppression and Enhancement of Six-Wave Mixing in Electromagnetically Induced Transparency Window


We show that polarization properties of the suppression and enhancement as well as the Autler–Townes (AT) splitting of two coexisting six-wave mixing (SWM) processes in multi-Zeeman levels atomic system. By scanning the frequency detuning of the dressing field, we observe the suppression and enhancement as well as the AT splitting of the two coexisting SWM processes with the different polarized probe beams. Different polarization states of the probe beam can select different transitions among multi-Zeeman levels and different dressing strengths. The AT splitting separations get slightly large as the probe beam changes from the linearly polarized state to the circularly polarized one. Under the conditions of different dressing fields, the polarization dependence of the SWM enhancement and suppression shows the inverse variation. Theoretical calculations are carried out, which are in good agreement with the experimental results.

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