Compact Circularly Polarized Wide-Beamwidth Fern-Fractal-Shaped Microstrip Antenna for Vehicular Communication - 2018


A compact circularly polarized wide-beamwidth patch antenna is presented here. The proposed antenna will be used for blind spot detection in the smart vehicle. Miniaturization and beamwidth enhancement of the antenna are the most areas of debate. The size of the patch becomes 44percent smaller than the traditional patch by folding the sting of the radiating patch with loading slots. Thanks to the tiny size, it can be placed within the compact aerodynamic wireless devices. The half power beamwidth is enhanced by a hundred°, and therefore the axial ratio beamwidth is maximized by 187° with the assistance of a surrounding dielectric substrate and therefore the metallic block as necessitated by intelligent transportation system applications. The proposed antenna will capture signals from a wide elevation angle and an entire azimuth range to cover the entire blind spot zone. The impedance bandwidth of the antenna is 410 MHz with ninety-MHz three-dB axial ratio bandwidth.

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