Response Increase of IR Antenna-Coupled Thermocouple Using Impedance Matching


The response of a bowtie antenna-coupled thermocouple operating at 10.6 $mu{rm m}$ is studied for varying lengths of a transmission line, which connects the antenna to the thermocouple and functions as an impedance-matching element. Peaks in the response are observed for several lengths of transmission line. Most notably, the response of a device with a transmission line length of 1.3 $mu{rm m}$ is increased 2.4 fold when compared to the device without the transmission line. The analytical response of a microwave circuit describing the detector is in agreement with the measurements, indicating that the increases in the response are caused by an improved impedance match between the antenna and thermocouple facilitated by the transmission line. This experiment demonstrates for the first time impedance matching principles applied to infrared antenna-coupled thermal detectors.

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