Minimizing Controller Response Time Through Flow Redirecting in SDNs - 2018


Software outlined NetWorking (SDN) is changing into increasingly prevalent for its programmability that allows centralized network configuration and management. With the expansion of SDNs, a cluster of controllers cooperatively manages a lot of and additional switches/flows in an exceedingly network to avoid the single-controller congestion/failure and improve the management-plane robustness. Underneath the architecture with multiple controllers, it is expected to attenuate the utmost response time on these controllers to supply higher QoS for users. To realize this target, 2 previous methods are mainly used, the static theme and therefore the dynamic theme. However, these strategies might cause a rise of the control-plane Communication overhead/delay. In this Project, we propose to attenuate the utmost response time on controllers through flow redirecting, which is implemented by installing wildcard rules on switches. We have a tendency to formulate the minimum controller response time downside, that takes the flow-table size and link capability constraints under consideration, as an integer linear program, and prove its NP-Hardness. Two algorithms with bounded approximation factors are designed to resolve this problem. We tend to implement the proposed strategies on our SDN testbed. The testing results and in depth simulation results show that our proposed algorithm will reduce the maximum controller response time by regarding fifty%-eightypercent compared with the static/dynamic ways below the identical controller cost, or scale back the number of controllers by 30% compared with the dynamic method while preserving almost the identical controller response time.

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