A Tale of Four Functions in a Multifunctional Device: Extending Implementation Intention Theory


Research problem: This study examines functions in a multifunctional device, the smartphone. Specifically, it explores (1) to what extent does the theory of planned behavior capture user evaluation of different functions? (2) to what extent does pleasure have positive effects on intentions of different functions? (3) to what extent could the implementation intention theory identify the important functions? Literature review: To answer these questions, we look at the Theory of Planned Behavior which has been used to examine a single function device and test the predictability of the theory for a multifunctional system. We also review the Implementation Intention Theory and test the predictability of the theory for identifying important functions. Methodology: A quantitative survey of more than 200 smartphone owners in information-technology shopping malls and customer service centers for major smartphone brands was conducted. Results: The results from the data collected show that the theory of planned behavior and the additional pleasure construct explain more than 50% of the variance in intentions. The effect of pleasure on intention varies from one function to another. In general, pleasure shows much stronger effects for high-hedonic functions than for low-hedonic functions. In addition, the Implementation Intention Theory reveals that phone and organizer are the most important functions. Implications: These results contribute to research on multifunctional systems and Communication technology, the Theory of Planned Behavior, the Implementation Intention Theory, and to the practitioners. However, the results of this study may be somewhat limited to users in a modern city. Future research could extend this study to include a task dimension, to compare different technologies and their functions, and to look at modality preferences.

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