Characterization and Optimization of Delay Guarantees for Real-Time Multimedia Traffic Flows in IEEE 802.11 WLANs


Thanks to the speedy growth of real-time applications and therefore the ubiquity of IEEE 802.eleven MAC as a layer-a pair of protocol for wireless native area networks (WLANs), it becomes increasingly vital to support delay-based mostly quality of service (QoS) in such WLANs. During this paper, we tend to develop a straightforward and accurate enough analytical model for predicting the queueing delay of real-time multimedia traffic flows in non-homogeneous random access based WLANs. This leads to tractable analysis for meeting queueing delay specifications of a number of flows. In specific, we tend to address the feasibility problem of whether the mean delays needed by a collection of User Datagram Protocol (UDP) flows supporting real-time multimedia traffic can be guaranteed in WLANs. Based mostly on the model and feasibility analysis, we have a tendency to additional develop an optimization technique to attenuate the delays for the traffic flows. Moreover, we tend to gift a decentralized algorithm and report its implementation and gift extensive simulation and experimental trace-based results to demonstrate the accuracy of our model and also the performance of the algorithms.

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