Fault Tolerance Approach Based on Checkpointing towards Dependable Business Processes


The Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) has become one in all the predominant standards for.Net services compositions oriented to business processes. An vital capability of BPEL is that it permits processes to interact synchronously/asynchronously with alternative BPEL processes and/or choreographies at large-scale. But, it is a widely known fact that a larger system complexity leads to a bigger likelihood of software/hardware failures. To attack the matter of failures for interactive business processes additional efficient fault tolerance mechanisms are would like. Nowadays there exist refined solutions that tackle business processes fault tolerance, but, present drawbacks such as they affect the systems performance, they need a high implementation costs, they will jeopardize the scalability of the system and/or they do not support asynchronous BPEL Communication among processes. During this paper, we propose to attack the dependability downside in a very distributed manner, a fault tolerant solution based mostly on Communication-induced checkpointing (CiC) for interactive BPEL processes.

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