A Fault-Tolerant Control Strategy for Six-Phase Transverse Flux Tubular PMLM Based on Synthetic Vector Method


The six-phase transverse flux tubular permanent magnet linear motor (PMLM) has many benefits compared with standard linear motors. However, the reliability of its drive system will still be influenced by power converter or machine faults. This paper presents a fault-tolerant control strategy for 6-section transverse flux tubular PMLM based mostly on synthetic vector methodology when the machine contains a single-phase open-circuit fault. The operation of six-part transverse flux tubular PMLM is described with its basic mathematical model. Then, the principles of synthetic vector method are introduced. Based on these theories, the fault-tolerant management strategy springs well beneath the one-section open-fault condition. Still, a fault-tolerant twin three-phase four-leg inverter’s drive topology which will be applied underneath this faulted condition is proposed. Moreover, to implement the control algorithms proposed, a changed space vector modulation is presented. Both the finite-component simulation and MATLAB/Simulink simulation results illustrate the validity of the proposed fault-tolerant control moreover as the associated control topology and house vector modulation.

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